ITspec Recruitment is one of the IT&C recruitment and selection consultancy companies in Romania, willing to set up successful pathways to match the best interests of both clients and candidates. We are providing various roles and technical expertise levels for international projects; therefore we make our contribution to help companies around the world deal with the scarcity of IT specialists.


We are a top team of best recruitment consultants and smart marketing specialists that can make the difference between success and failure of your requirements as client or candidate; we value our IT experts as much as our top clients in the IT communication field. We are highly passionate and entirely responsible for our work, keeping an eye open for talented specialists at all times and always enthusiastic to develop potential partnerships.


The meticulous approach we subscribed to reframes your success matters a great deal to us. As a small organisation we are better placed to provide a more personal tailored solution than many of the larger recruitment companies. Whether you are a candidate or an employer, our recruitment process runs very carefully from the very first contact until your career goals are ensured or we source the best talent in the marketplace for your company.