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iOS Mobile Developer - AVP Level

Annual salary:

Competitive Salry

Position:iOS Mobile Developer - AVP Level

Sector: IT

Location: Bucharest

Type of Job: Full Time

Salary: Competitive Salary

Other benefits: Hi-tech working environment, Career development, International exposure and travel

Our client, a major innovator on the global banking market, is searching for talented iOS Mobile Developers to help create the next big thing in digital banking. The company offers the smartest future for mobile banking.

Join a growing mobile development team with tremendous upside for growth! This exciting company values high aptitude, great attitude and experience, so if you feel like you are the right fit for this dynamic team, please contact us.

Your role in a nutshell

- Plan and provide appropriate software documentation

- Coaching / Guiding less experienced developers

- Exposure to technical design and development of customer-oriented mobile application systems on various platforms (iOS, REST APIs)

- Experience with 4.5-Star Apps with fast-paced release cycles

- Driver of quality indicators, promote the integration of non-functional testing (security, performance, UX) into continuous integration cycle

- Create integration environment, testing and deployment strategies for the Mobile Development Team

- Agile working environment: Work with the Product Owner, Scrum Masters, Dev Team members, UX designers, security specialists and other groups to identify technical and functional needs

- Be able to work in a global environment with mixed teams and mixed cultures at different time zones

- Experience with best industry standards – applying coding guidelines


The Mobile Developer - designs and develops based on REST APIs, customer-oriented mobile apps for the bank in an Agile environment.

So, we are looking for:

Analytical Thinking

- Write reusable functions/objects that solve the overall problem

- Ability to write code in modular way (separating the functionality of a program into independent, interchangeable modules)

- Ability to distinguish between Structured Programming and OOP

Relevant experience in iOS

- Good In Data Structures - Following requirements, suggest which collection is to be used. Knows about SDK collection facilities (Enumeration, Filtering, Mapping, Reducing, Sorting)

- Advanced knowledge in threading/Grand Central Dispatch(knows how to separate heavy load on background thread; thread synchronization, dispatch groups, knowledge in using NSOperationQueues)

- Knows what Generics are. Understands how and when they can are used. Use generics for reducing the amount of written code and achieve better modularization.

- Increase Runtime Safety by using generics.

- Knowledge of REST and SOAP Web Services and must be able to know which frameworks can be used at client side.

- Knowing about security mechanisms (SSL pinning, Data Integrity, HMAC, man in the middle etc)

- Use caching mechanisms. Able to handle platform limitations.

- Good knowledge working with persistency layers and corresponding persistency frameworks + tools. User Defaults, plists, writing to files; NSKeychain; Able to use NSCoding protocol to serialize objects. Core Data/SQLite knowledge.

- Knowledge of design patterns: Delegate, Singleton, Facade, Factory, Observer, Decorator, Adapter, Chain of Responsibility and Command. MVVM, Clean Swift, VIPER.

- Ability to build apps with a clean architecture: Knowledge about SOLID Principles.

- Read and write basic shell scripts.

- Very Good knowledge of native SDK: Proficient with XCode, Instruments and Apple developing process(Apple Dev Portal)

- Knows how to write unit tests and ui tests for the corresponding platform. Knows/Experienced with TDD.

- Ability to work with a continuous deployment environment. Takes advantage of continuous deployment in his/her daily work.

- Very good knowledge of SWIFT. Is able to take advantage of SWIFT capabilities in order to write both functional and object oriented code.


- Hi-tech working environment

- Career development

- International exposure and travel

- Attractive and competitive compensation and benefits

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Nicoleta Tanase

0040 (0)799 945 909